Pole To Soul reviews Pinup Pole Show

Pinup Pole Show had the pleasure of entertaining writer, Christine Macdonald, at our Long Beach debut this May.  Her review is so well written, it invites you right to the best seat in the house.  Well worth the read of every luscious word describing her experience at our show.

Full article at: PoleToSoul.me


“Tonya is the epitome of cool without trying to be. A natural performer with a kick ass sense of humor and a body that doesn’t quit (being a trained dancer working professionally for 26 years will do that). She welcomed the audience with open, impressively toned arms (fueled by vegan living) without any vibe of entitlement. Her unique combo of poise and moxie made it clear she owned the room. It was Tonya Kay’s dazzling retro world full of creativity and sex appeal – and we were happy to be living in it.”

“What filled the space within the 70 minute show was pure magic. Part vaudeville, burlesque and retro fashion that takes you back to old Hollywood glamour…Every number was impeccably styled and choreographed, sprinkled with sex appeal, dipped in pure talent.”

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