Rose Cherry Chia Smoothie – High Raw Vegan Recipe

raw vegan recipe cherry rose chia smoothie

Get high!  This Rose Chia Cherry Smoothie is the one I want to be cradling on a paradise island.  Because it’s nice and cool, full of water-rich fruit and is easy af to make, so I won’t have to leave my beach for long.  All organic, high raw, 100% vegan.

Simply blend:

1 frozen banana
1C frozen cherries
2″ filleted aloe leaf
1T chia seeds
1T maca powder
½T rose water
1t vanilla powder

Top with:

1/2T grapefruit zest
5 germinated then dehydrated apricot kernels


When I did a raw nutritional analysis of 4 months of my diet with nutritional scientist Joanna Steven, we found that the only nutrient was was “low” on (80%), according to the federal government’s RDA, was calcium.  So we experimented a little and found that if I added just 1T of chia seeds to my daily diet, it put me over the 100% mark for RDA.  Those chia seeds not only have a ton of calcium in them, but they hold water and return it to you, when you need it.  Athletes really benefit from drinking or eating soaked chia.  I eat it every dang day!

Aloe is another super sexy ingredient.  I buy it fresh and fillet it (like a fish, I’m told, though I’ve been vegetarian near my whole life and am happy to have saved myself from the violence of that!).  Cube up the clear chunks and blend them up in the smoothie.  Make sure they blend all the way.  Aloe is soothing to the intestinal tract and naturally helps keep things moving.  Plus, we all know how great fresh aloe is for the skin – I just rub the inside of the skin directly onto my face and let it dry.  Rinse it off after 20 min, if you care.  I say don’t use aloe products – just the fresh stuff.  The aloe products come in glass or plastic, first of all, so there’s a better way.  AND the products always have some sort of stabilizer since as soon as you remove the aloe meat from it’s skin, it oxidizes like all fresh foods.  I don’t need chemicals to “extend shelf life” in or on my body.  If it’s not fresh, it’s dead and those chemicals are hella confusing to my kidneys and joints.  They go somewhere, you know!  Just use the fresh leaf or don’t use it at all:-)

The maca is a thyroid and adrenal soother and has a beautiful effect on yang energy, focalizing it into a sort of sexual potency.

The rose water and vanilla really round out that sexual energy with some yin sensuality and love vibes.  They are meant to be together!

This is an organic, high raw vegan recipe and when you eat it, you are organic and High Raw, too!


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