Tonya Kay’s Gask Mask Burlesque at Ultimate Jam Night


photo by TameaA

Can’t tell you how f*cking cool it is to perform to a Nine Inch Nails song?  I perform to great music all the time, but a lot of what I listen to is too heavy for a mainstream audience, so it’s a special satisfaction I get to dance to one of my top 5 bands.  It gets cooler.  Nine Inch Nails covered live with all the energy and grit that comes with it.  Oh, but not just live – but performed live by the ULTIMATE JAM NIGHT house band.  The foundation of Hollywood’s high profile rock and metal weekly, house musicians  Steve Ferlazzo, keys/vocals (DJ Muggs), Chuck Wright/bass (Quiet Riot), Matt Starr/kit drum (Mr. Big) and Berry Pointer/guitar (Methods of Mayhem).  Finally, use your eyeballs and see you won’t recognize any of us.  All this epic coolness is happening masked.  You can see why, among all my creative, expensive, developed, huge installation burlesque solos, this inexpensive and anonymous act is one I always look forward to perform. You get me CLOSER …

Tonya Kay, The Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood, performs her Gas Mask Burlesque solo at high profile Hollywood rock and roll night, Ultimate Jam Night, at Lucky Strike Live to the legendary house band covering Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer”. Cutting her costume off with a knife.

Tonya Kay
Tonya Kay on-camera
Ultimate Jam Night at Lucky Strike Live
band: Berry Pointer, Chuck Wright, Matt Starr, Steve Ferlazzo
music: ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails
footage: California Rock News and more
video thumbnail: Tamea A

  1. Elena

    January 20th, 2016 4:06

    Tanya Kay does what average women only dream of. Some of us have a born artist and burlesque dancer in our hearts if not our bodies, but Tonya embodies the art, sprirt, body and soul.
    I am never jealous but often in awe of her and hope to see her perform in Kalamazoo Michigan again, this time I will stay for an autograph!


    • Tonya Kay

      January 25th, 2016 9:10

      Elena, your words mean so much to me! I have a feeling we will get to meet after a Kalamazoo show in 2016;-) My home state … You are beautiful.


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