Tonya Kay plays 3 out of 4 roles in the Muse

IMG_4782I play 3 out of 4 roles in The Muse short film, winner of BEST SHORT and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY in the 2015 Action on Film Festival.  What a great presentation of the diversity of roles I can handle as an actress – all in one film!  Produced by Seraph Films, directed by Craig Oilette, written by Don Carpenter.  Enjoy the award-winning Muse:




  1. Don

    January 15th, 2016 13:17

    And you played all 3 brilliantly, which is only fair because you inspired the role! (No readers, she never whipped me, she supports me and keeps me on my creative toes. She’s my Main Muse!)

    It was a dream come true to see my work interpreted so well for the screen. You, Granville, Craig, Gene, MeeRa, Carlos, Cindy, EVERYBODY all working together. People see only two on the screen, but 14 people came together to make this. That’s a lot of teamwork!

    I wish I could get ahold of behind the scenes and outtakes. If I remember right, Craig said you played around with the ending a few times. I’d love to see it.


  2. Tonya Kay

    January 16th, 2016 9:36

    My photographer friend Brian Erzen was on the shoot, too. He shot the audience pinup for the Pinup Pole Show 1 Year Anniversary event.


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