Swerve Magazine Interview – Tonya Kay performs a Crimson Dance


The Swerve Magazine: What was it like working on “Crimson Dance?”

Tonya Kay: It was crazy! As you can see, I got to do the stunts that every horror actress wants to do, the “Carrie” moments, the blood-drenched almost “Flashdance,” but with blood instead of water. That was a huge incentive, by the way, the fact I knew it was going to happen, and I was going to get that on tape.

We filmed most of what you see in the film in four hours, but then the last eight hours was me drenched in that blood (laughs) They have to get it from every angle and they have to get the crowd responding and so on. The blood is not liquidy. Once you have it on, and it dries, it’s very sticky. My body was sticking to the floor and to the chair, I couldn’t move and my hair was stuck to me. It was a big stick, like a super glue stick. So for a good six to eight hours I was stuck, and you can see that I was stuck kind of half naked. It was cold, we filmed in the winter and even in Los Angeles, it still gets cold here.

Working on the set was a wonderful experience because we had a female director, we had a female producer, we had a female director of photography (DP), so there was a lot of female energy on the set, and that’s not necessarily the case all the time in Hollywood, and I really appreciated it. Patrica was really good about communicating with me, one of her actresses, about exactly what she wanted. She was really involved, and she’s really an actress’s director. The DP, I could tell, was doing good work the whole time. I was watching her work, and her camera angles and set-ups. It was a great experience. I got some great footage that every actress who does horror really wants, and I got to work with a strong female production team.

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