People’s Choice Awards w/Neil Patrick Harris

I got to do sketch comedy with Neil Patrick Harris on the 38th People’s Choice Awards last week!  What greasy gravy gig it was, too.  First of all, I direct booked it because the amazing Erin Lamont was hired as choreographer.  For those of you who follow my performance career, you know Erin is also the company director of The Lalas Burlesque, a company I burlyQ and MC with regularly (come see our next show).  So Erin, is like ‘why cast models without dance training when I could cast my own gorgeous, talented AND funny company members?’.  A performer’s dream come true:  direct booking.

I’ve been training with Second City for a while now and really have come to admire good improvisation skills separate from good comedy skills.  So working with Neil Patrick Harris, who has BOTH skill sets was inspiring.  He was down to earth, kind, had lots of ideas he wanted to implement right as we went live and had big hugs for his fellow performers after our skit was done.  I live on good hugs.

Feed me.

Since cutting my dread locks recently, no one has actually styled my hair.  So I was entertained and delighted by James’ showgirl bouffant as my first styling since soft hair!  And those gorgeous beaded costumes (Marsha let us keep the shoes!).

Isn’t the Universe just cosmic?  The day before I am on set for the People’s Choice Awards, I write this piece about Natural and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics on Set and how no health-conscious vegan actor should worry about asking their stylist what is in their cosmetics because:

The more professional make up/hair artists are generally genuinely grateful to do what they do for a living and have enthusiasm to continue learning about the next newest product, cruelty-free alternative or natural option.  You can really tell the difference in artistry through their open mindedness to their own craft.  It’s like offering a sculptor a brand new clay – a true artist will want to work with it and see what they can do.  The jaded artist will say, “I can’t possibly use that clay,” before they even try it and never grow as an artist again.

And low and behold, when I offered Polly my foundation and make up brushes, she was super enthusiastic, saying I have great brushes and she even loved my raw, organic foundation so much she took photos with her iPhone of the packaging to remember the brand.  She made me look and feel stunning.

We rehearsed and performed in the state-of-the-art Nokia Theatre.  I grew up doing theatre and after 5 cumulative years of touring different stages and stadiums, I have a deep love for the space of a beautiful theatre. Nokia is a performer’s dream come true.

When I came off the road from touring with STOMP, I had a young-life-professional-crisis.  When you’ve lived your dream gig so young, what else is there to dream about?  I spent a lot of time soul searching and traveling the world to discover that to me, having worked my dream gig already, what was most important in my future career was that I have fun, create art that means something to me and work with people I enjoy being around.  Fun, meaning and friendship – those are my current career goals.  So performing with SaraAnne Fahey, one of the most lovely human beings this world has to offer, on the People’s Choice Awards was really just my cherry on top.


Check out the video of our comedy sketch with Neil Patrick Harris on the 38th Annual People’s Choice Awards here:




  1. Wilson

    January 18th, 2012 11:47

    I still think its awesome everytime I see that clip. Its a weird feeling, too, to say “Hey, I know who that is and have talked to her before!”


  2. Cindi Carlson

    January 18th, 2012 13:43

    Loved seeing you on the Awards Show….Proud of you and happy to call you my friend! Keep up the great work!


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