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Photo by Shane Karns

I love the stage, still photo and film equally so.  You’ll notice I do my share of acting on film/tv, modeling for photoshoots and live stage in my personal performance career.  So it’s no surprise that when I created Pinup Pole Show,  a live classic car cruise-in and pinup show with retro-burlesque and pole champions, that I’d be producing more than just the live event.  The show is such high-quality content that it’s created opportunities for me to work with multi-media artists of many disciplines – a dream come true!  I’ve gotten to produce pinup photo shoots with photographers Bjeorn Kommerell, Marisa Leigh, Alex Luu, John Sluder and more.  I’ve gotten to work with LA’s finest film production, too, including this latest video segment created by Tyler Knowels and In The Light Productions.  It’s my honor to share the amazing stars and cars of Pinup Pole Show in our Girls, Girls, Girls video segment with you.  Enjoy, and see you at our next live show


Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show rallies the kustom kulture community in North Hollywood and Long Beach – and the contingency of unstoppable women car owners, pinup girls, performers and artists keeps growing! Here, Pinup Pole Show partners with Girls Drawin Girls, a female artist collective showing some of their illustrators’ most stunning pinup art. Featured artist Leen Isabel does live pinup sketches and signs her Pole Dancing Adventures book. Empowered pinup women, delighted dapper men and sexy classic cars bring the SoCal Kustom Kulture community together at Pinup Pole Show! Register your car and reserve tickets to the next show

Pinup Pole Show
Girls Drawin Girls
Pole Dancing Adventures by Leen Isabel
Pinup Pole Show is a Tonya Kay production
Featured Performers: Monica Kay, Candace Cane, Heather Lou, Tiffany Rose Mockler
Featured Models: Sierra Scott Shifts, Shannon Corbeil
Video by Tyler Knowles and In the Light Productions
Thumbnail Photo:  Shane Karns

  1. Don

    February 25th, 2016 6:41

    I hope you are very proud because you certainly deserve to be.


    • Tonya Kay

      February 25th, 2016 10:31

      i love this project and the people i get to work with


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