AXS Interview with actress Tonya Kay


AXS: So far, what has been your favorite role and why? Is there one particular genre that you most like to act in?

T.K.: One of my favorite roles was Deb in “The Other Wife” (Lifetime) because the director, Nick Lyon, brought a talent out of me I didn’t even know I had. Deb is this woman who goes through a HUGE character arc in the film by way of tragedy, dishonestly, violence and self-realization. Our production was not blessed with abundant principal photography days, so the entire team was high octane on set. Camera/grips/crew would hustle the new deal, Nick would call actors over for rehearsal, AD would call rolling and then Nick would sneak over to me and whisper in my ear “It would be nice if we could get some tears on this one. And…ACTION!” In the acting world we call it “cry on command” which I knew I had in me but not to this extent. When Nick discovered I could do it, he called for it in nearly every scene. And I learned that I really do have a special skill of being able to reach a deeply authentic, emotional place in about 60 seconds. Some call it “cry on command” but I call it “always near the brink of a breakdown.” Another useful actor skill!

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