2016 Resolution #1

IMG_4868I don’t normally make resolutions, but I’ve already got several for 2016. It’s going to be a really different year for me spiritually! One of my resolutions is “have a back up plan for healthy food when traveling”.

3 things kept me from having a back up plan last year: I’ve been high raw vegan so long it feels totally natural at this point and I don’t plan out my meals anymore, plus I live in Los Angeles where it is legitimately easy to eat raw/vegan organic food any time I want and finally, I don’t like to carry around extra luggage just for food.

But low and behold, those three things screwed me in 2015 in terms of healthy eating while traveling. I toured a ton with The Lalas​ and spent a lot of time on the film set this year and ended up eating at much lower life force than I wished. One casino didn’t even carry nuts at the gift shop, so guess what I gorged on for three days? Copious amounts of pasteurized apple juice and refined flower/salt pretzels. In and of themselves, not health killers, but as a staple for the weekend, certainly not high vibration, life giving or what one wants to call every meal.

So, I’m in Big Sky, Montana celebrating my first day of holiday and I’ve got it good – found organic fresh produce and stocked up at the noteworthy health market Good Food Store Missoula​. I have a kitchen for two weeks, so that’s a huge bonus because Montana doesn’t appear to be progressive “vegan land” like I enjoy in California. Brought my smoked sea salt, longan berries, flax crackers, apricot kernals in my luggage AND got my Vooluu.com​ Green Protein Shake powder with me.

I figure if I want to tour and be on set in 2016, I have to prove to the Universe that I can make it healthy for me. Nature will make anything that isn’t good for me increasingly difficult to sustain (thank you, Nature!) so if I want it, it’s worth reorgnizing my life to let it be known: I am healthy, I am in love, give me more, please!




  1. Don

    December 27th, 2015 19:59

    If I can help you in any way, just holler and I’ll be there.

    My only resolution so far, Take action.


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