07 Sep 2018
Rose Cherry Chia Smoothie – High Raw Vegan Recipe

raw vegan recipe cherry rose chia smoothie

Get high!  This Rose Chia Cherry Smoothie is the one I want to be cradling on a paradise island.  Because it’s nice and cool, full of water-rich fruit and is easy af to make, so I won’t have to leave my beach for long.  All organic, high raw, 100% vegan.

Simply blend:

1 frozen banana
1C frozen cherries
2″ filleted aloe leaf
1T chia seeds
1T maca powder
½T rose water
1t vanilla powder

Top with:

1/2T grapefruit zest
5 germinated then dehydrated apricot kernels


When I did a raw nutritional analysis of 4 months of my diet with nutritional scientist Joanna Steven, we found that the only nutrient was was “low” on (80%), according to the federal government’s RDA, was calcium.  So we experimented a little and found that if I added just 1T of chia seeds to my daily diet, it put me over the 100% mark for RDA.  Those chia seeds not only have a ton of calcium in them, but they hold water and return it to you, when you need it.  Athletes really benefit from drinking or eating soaked chia.  I eat it every dang day!

Aloe is another super sexy ingredient.  I buy it fresh and fillet it (like a fish, I’m told, though I’ve been vegetarian near my whole life and am happy to have saved myself from the violence of that!).  Cube up the clear chunks and blend them up in the smoothie.  Make sure they blend all the way.  Aloe is soothing to the intestinal tract and naturally helps keep things moving.  Plus, we all know how great fresh aloe is for the skin – I just rub the inside of the skin directly onto my face and let it dry.  Rinse it off after 20 min, if you care.  I say don’t use aloe products – just the fresh stuff.  The aloe products come in glass or plastic, first of all, so there’s a better way.  AND the products always have some sort of stabilizer since as soon as you remove the aloe meat from it’s skin, it oxidizes like all fresh foods.  I don’t need chemicals to “extend shelf life” in or on my body.  If it’s not fresh, it’s dead and those chemicals are hella confusing to my kidneys and joints.  They go somewhere, you know!  Just use the fresh leaf or don’t use it at all:-)

The maca is a thyroid and adrenal soother and has a beautiful effect on yang energy, focalizing it into a sort of sexual potency.

The rose water and vanilla really round out that sexual energy with some yin sensuality and love vibes.  They are meant to be together!

This is an organic, high raw vegan recipe and when you eat it, you are organic and High Raw, too!


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01 Sep 2018
Pizza That Makes You Smart – High Raw vegan recipe

My first raw vegan pizza crusts right here. Like a pro.

These crusts are 1 C each of soaked almond pate and flax meal w ¼ C olive oil and I went with tarragon galore – like ¼ C. 2.5 C water, stir, sit 5 min, shape on lined dehydrator tray and dehydrate at 115 for 3 hrs, flip and remove liner to dehydrate the other side for 8 more hours. Store long term in fridge or freezer.

Then a thin layer of avocado, lemon, sea salt, garlic spread.

Next, sliced green olives, diced or cubed Roma tomatoes, chopped cilantro, cubed Hass avocado.

Topped with a King Oyster mushroom I flushed at home, then marinated 24 hrs in coconut aminos. And black garlic I fermented in a rice cooker on warm for 10 days.

That’s 100% organic, raw, vegan pizza right there. Have all you want. But this food is so nutrient dense, one is a lot. Makes you smart.

High science. High raw.


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14 Oct 2016
Inside the Box

A box with unbroken seal. Received and haunting me now for days. Mourning should be over, I said. All I want it this to be over. But all I can do is stare at the hefty delivery, waiting for me to to carry on. All I want is to carry on. Why can’t I just open the damn box.

Without him, who is family? How am I connected? Where is my home? It’s too late for me – I can’t even go back. Everything has changed while I was confined by a mangled body, too distracted by physical pain and the shame of not being abel to care of one’s self.

Both my body and face have changed. We are heavier and lower and sadder all the time. We have fears and doubt and emptiness. If private, we are frequently inconsolable. Thick … slow and … quiet with night mares.

If I’d been on the farm, I’d have been hugged and offered my shoulder in return. I’d have touched the things that are now sold. I’d have picked up something that no one thought looked important, but might have been my last remaining connection to him. To all of them.

Instead, the sealed box with my father’s handwriting on the outside, stares back at me, reminding me how unready I am. How alone I am with no one. Who understands.  That if I know what’s in that box, it’s really. actually. over.

I thought I just wanted this to be over.

When she was dying I dreamed of her showing off a red dress. He loved it and said she was so beautiful. She lit up and danced some more. Then they both came to me, encircled me in their arms and all that was left was a feeling between us. They felt proud of me. For all my short comings, disobedience and unpredictability, I made them proud. I know without a doubt.

Inside the box is a fatal wisdom. To open the box fuses sadness and love indistinguishable and births a heart as dark as it is open once and for all. Never to fly in a fool’s bliss again.


Digital StillCamera

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22 Aug 2016
Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show (360 Video)

Film makers, tech geeks and gear heads, check THIS out.  I’ve teamed up with Arbor Entertainment to create a 360 video experience of my live show, Pinup Pole Show.   This sets the viewer right in the middle of all the action.  Already a fan of the show, but live out of state?  Get inside our 360 teaser – it’s the next best thing.

It’s intended to be viewed with fancy goggles and let me tell you, if you have them, put’em on right now.  That’s the shit.  If you don’t have them, you can still enjoy 360 video on your device – just hold it out in front of you and look up, look down, turn around.  Finally, if you are one of my rad hippie friends whom have shunned devices, most computer browsers (like Chrome) support 360 Youtube videos by offering a control wheel you can use to “look” around in the viewer screen.

In this 360 video, you will find yourself in the middle of Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show.  Surrounded by gorgeous classic cars, pinup models, burlesque headliners, pole dance champions, rockabilly band and naughty artists.  There is entertainment in every corner in this video, so watch it several times and look around for the intimate bathtub burlesque, dangerous grinder girl act, jaw dropping contortion and pole dance in roller skates!  Then come see us live at our next event





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15 Aug 2016
Pinup Pole Show video by Sneakthief


Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show is a true vintage production. Styled 1955-1965 throwback, our classic cars, musicians, soundtrack, wardrobe and burlesque acts satisfy the retro enthusiast in our upscale audience.

This video, produced by Sneakthief Media is ye ol’ rusty hinge peephole look at Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show. Enjoy – and bring your classic car, your camera, your crew and your date to our next event

Video featuring #‎pinuppoleshow stars Tonya Kay, Heather Lou, Monica Kay, Candace Cane, Tiffany Rose Mockler

Performing on Platinum Stages poles at The Federal Bar, North Hollywood

Wearing #‎pinup and #‎vintage wardrobe by Red Dolly Swimwear and Iguana Vintage Clothing

Video music”Gotta Roam” by Whitey Gallagher

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04 Aug 2016
AXS Interview with actress Tonya Kay


AXS: So far, what has been your favorite role and why? Is there one particular genre that you most like to act in?

T.K.: One of my favorite roles was Deb in “The Other Wife” (Lifetime) because the director, Nick Lyon, brought a talent out of me I didn’t even know I had. Deb is this woman who goes through a HUGE character arc in the film by way of tragedy, dishonestly, violence and self-realization. Our production was not blessed with abundant principal photography days, so the entire team was high octane on set. Camera/grips/crew would hustle the new deal, Nick would call actors over for rehearsal, AD would call rolling and then Nick would sneak over to me and whisper in my ear “It would be nice if we could get some tears on this one. And…ACTION!” In the acting world we call it “cry on command” which I knew I had in me but not to this extent. When Nick discovered I could do it, he called for it in nearly every scene. And I learned that I really do have a special skill of being able to reach a deeply authentic, emotional place in about 60 seconds. Some call it “cry on command” but I call it “always near the brink of a breakdown.” Another useful actor skill!

read full interview

RetroMotel_PurpleHair_TonyaKay_BjoernKommerell - 3

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20 Jul 2016
Swerve Magazine Interview – Tonya Kay performs a Crimson Dance


The Swerve Magazine: What was it like working on “Crimson Dance?”

Tonya Kay: It was crazy! As you can see, I got to do the stunts that every horror actress wants to do, the “Carrie” moments, the blood-drenched almost “Flashdance,” but with blood instead of water. That was a huge incentive, by the way, the fact I knew it was going to happen, and I was going to get that on tape.

We filmed most of what you see in the film in four hours, but then the last eight hours was me drenched in that blood (laughs) They have to get it from every angle and they have to get the crowd responding and so on. The blood is not liquidy. Once you have it on, and it dries, it’s very sticky. My body was sticking to the floor and to the chair, I couldn’t move and my hair was stuck to me. It was a big stick, like a super glue stick. So for a good six to eight hours I was stuck, and you can see that I was stuck kind of half naked. It was cold, we filmed in the winter and even in Los Angeles, it still gets cold here.

Working on the set was a wonderful experience because we had a female director, we had a female producer, we had a female director of photography (DP), so there was a lot of female energy on the set, and that’s not necessarily the case all the time in Hollywood, and I really appreciated it. Patrica was really good about communicating with me, one of her actresses, about exactly what she wanted. She was really involved, and she’s really an actress’s director. The DP, I could tell, was doing good work the whole time. I was watching her work, and her camera angles and set-ups. It was a great experience. I got some great footage that every actress who does horror really wants, and I got to work with a strong female production team.

Read the full Swerve Magazine interview with Tonya Kay.

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14 Jul 2016
Have your vegan cheesecake and eat it too …


I explain where the terms pinup and cheesecake come from in our first broadcast tv special.  Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show ‘Hollywood Show Live’ Exclusive tv special (KDOS and LA18) is now online for those of you not in the Golden State.   Have your vegan cheesecake and eat it too;  #pinuppoleshow …




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26 May 2016
Pole To Soul reviews Pinup Pole Show


Pinup Pole Show had the pleasure of entertaining writer, Christine Macdonald, at our Long Beach debut this May.  Her review is so well written, it invites you right to the best seat in the house.  Well worth the read of every luscious word describing her experience at our show.

Full article at:

“Tonya is the epitome of cool without trying to be. A natural performer with a kick ass sense of humor and a body that doesn’t quit (being a trained dancer working professionally for 26 years will do that). She welcomed the audience with open, impressively toned arms (fueled by vegan living) without any vibe of entitlement. Her unique combo of poise and moxie made it clear she owned the room. It was Tonya Kay’s dazzling retro world full of creativity and sex appeal – and we were happy to be living in it.”

“What filled the space within the 70 minute show was pure magic. Part vaudeville, burlesque and retro fashion that takes you back to old Hollywood glamour…Every number was impeccably styled and choreographed, sprinkled with sex appeal, dipped in pure talent.”


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15 Apr 2016
Girls and Corpses TV features Pinup Pole Show


Girls and Corpses Magazine was a complete pleasure to host at the last Pinup Pole Show.  Not only is Corpsy a fantastically fun and to-the-point host, but he brought that gorgeous 1959 Cadillac ‘Meteor Miller’ hearse to our cruise-in and really upped the classic car party.  Here Corpsy asks candid and slightly embarrassing questions of my dancers and models, who were smooth as butter right back!

Classic cars, pinup girls, burlesque, rockabiliy band all at Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show. Go behind the scenes and meet dancers: Tonya Kay, Tiffany Rose Mockler, Monica Kay, Candace Cane, Heather Lou. And check out Corpsy’s fully restored 1959 Cadillac ‘Miller Meteor’ Hearse!”  Video also features pinup models Robyn Baker and Blue Britt as well as The Centuries rockabilly band, Platinum Stages competition poles, Kelly Maglia couture, Shane Karns photography and the stunning cars of many owners, mechanics, builders and enthusiasts.

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