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22 Jun 2016
Red Hot Retro magazine photo review

(Tonya Kay’s) love for classic cars, as an owner herself, sparked the initial idea of throwing her show back to the pinup years, where dames ruled their curves, their attitudes, and shook what their momma’s gave them. Tonya wanted to embrace that yesteryear fun and knock it together with the athleticism of pole dancing.

Tonya Kay has been in the burlesque business for close to 10 years now. She knows how to shimmy. She knows how to shine brighter than rhinestones on the costumes she designed herself, and found others to join her in that vibrant spotlight. She took her love for theater while in Chicago, her drive acting in America’s toughest city, New York, and whipped it all into her sheer focus to create, produced, and direct the Pinup Pole Show.

22 Jun 2016
Girls and Corpses TV show features the Pinpup Pole Show

Girls and Corpses Magazine was a complete pleasure to host at the last Pinup Pole Show.  Not only is Corpsy a fantastically fun and to-the-point host, but he brought that gorgeous 1959 Cadillac ‘Meteor Miller’ hearse to our cruise-in and really upped the classic car party.  Here Corpsy asks candid and slightly embarrassing questions of my dancers and models, who were smooth as butter right back!


“Classic cars, pinup girls, burlesque, rockabiliy band all at Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show. Go behind the scenes and meet dancers: Tonya Kay, Tiffany Rose Mockler, Monica Kay, Candace Cane, Heather Lou. And check out Corpsy’s fully restored 1959 Cadillac ‘Miller Meteor’ Hearse!”  Video also features pinup models Robyn Baker and Blue Britt as well as The Centuries rockabilly band, Platinum Stages competition poles, Kelly Maglia couture, Shane Karns photography and the stunning cars of many owners, mechanics, builders and enthusiasts.”

22 Jun 2016
Pole To Soul reviews Pinup Pole Show

Pinup Pole Show had the pleasure of entertaining writer, Christine Macdonald, at our Long Beach debut this May.  Her review is so well written, it invites you right to the best seat in the house.  Well worth the read of every luscious word describing her experience at our show.

Full article at:


“Tonya is the epitome of cool without trying to be. A natural performer with a kick ass sense of humor and a body that doesn’t quit (being a trained dancer working professionally for 26 years will do that). She welcomed the audience with open, impressively toned arms (fueled by vegan living) without any vibe of entitlement. Her unique combo of poise and moxie made it clear she owned the room. It was Tonya Kay’s dazzling retro world full of creativity and sex appeal – and we were happy to be living in it.”

“What filled the space within the 70 minute show was pure magic. Part vaudeville, burlesque and retro fashion that takes you back to old Hollywood glamour…Every number was impeccably styled and choreographed, sprinkled with sex appeal, dipped in pure talent.”